Frequently Asked Questions

Is Convert4K actually free to use?
Yes, Convert4K is completely free and doesn't charge you a single penny.

How does Convert4K work?
It's pretty simple. You copy your YouTube URL (CTRL + C) and paste it into the textbox on Convert4K. Then you choose your favorite format and press the Convert Button - that's it!

Is it legal to download and convert videos from YouTube?
Yes, converting and downloading videos from YouTube on Convert4K is completely legal.

Can I use the downloaded files for iTunes?
Absolutely, yes. Every downloaded file is compatible with third-party applications.

How can I download my videos faster?
Just use one of our Browser-Addons and all you need to do for future downloads is to press one single button.

What does Error-Code 4 mean?
Error Code 4 means you are converting a video that's longer than 60 minutes. Currently we are only able to convert videos that are up to 30 minutes long.

What does Error-Code 5 mean?
Error Code 5 means you tried to download your converted file a second time. For security reasons, we delete our download keys after 15 minutes. That means that you have to convert your video again.

Any other question that we didn't cover here?
Then feel free to reach us out using our contact formular.